Address and Phone

8811 Sunfish Run Road
Randolph, NY 14772 USA 
Phone: (716) 945-4900  
Fax: (716) 313-1760

Contact / Email (click on name)

Executive Director - Jon Benson 
Property Manager - Stacy Bodder
Property Staff - Josiah Gefell  
Volunteer Staffing Coordinators - Denzil & Deb Boss
Camp Registrar - Shona Benson

Publicity / Info

To request a brochure or for other information, please contact:

Phone: (877) 518-1704

Family Camp Program Contacts

For questions re: Family Camp Week or Weekend, please contact the applicable director (click on link for email):

Family Camp Week - July 1-8, 2017
Family Camp Weekend - Sept 1-4, 2017



Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministry of Camp Li-Lo-Li.  Please send your tax-deductible contributions to the following addresses:


Camp Li-Lo-Li
8811 Sunfish Run Road
Randolph, NY 14772

John Clode
3160 Woodburn Road
R.R. #1
Binbrook, ON L0R 1C0