Health & Safety

Standards of Care

The primary concern of Camp Li-Lo-Li is the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of each camper. Our volunteer staff provide attentive supervision of campers throughout the day at camp. The daily schedule is carefully planned to offer a balance of fun activities and rest for our campers and staff. Our facilities and policies have been designed to provide a consistently safe program for each camper. 

​Camp Li-Lo-Li is licensed by the NYS Department of Health.

Camp Staff

Camp Li-Lo-Li is staffed by an all-volunteer team who are motivated by a desire to faithfully serve the Lord and our campers. Many of them are past campers themselves! Every staff member is required to complete an extensive application form annually including background checks and references. Once accepted, staff members complete a thorough training and assessment before they start their work at Li-Lo-Li. 

Medical Staff

Every week we have at least one, but often more, certified medical professionals on staff. They are on call 24 hours a day, administer all medications and handle first aid and emergency situations if needed.



All of our program areas including the waterfront, pool, corral, challenge course, archery and rifle range are supervised by fully trained and certified staff.

Food Service

​We have Food Service personnel who have completed food safety certifications. Kitchen workers are trained to ensure a high level of safety and hygiene in meal preparation and serving. We also receive regular inspections by the health department.