Staff Training

2024 Staff Training

PLEASE NOTE: 2024 Staff Training is now available. We are still working with SafeMinistry to make sure the Child Protection training is ready and will update the website when it is.

Thank you for your willingness to serve the Lord at Camp Li-Lo-Li. We would not be able to complete our mission without the many faithful staff that serve with us. All our staff are required to complete our annual staff training before serving at camp.

We now include a training for Child Protection through Safe Ministry. Our Camp training content is available through a learning management system (Thinkific).

We ask that all staff complete the Child Protection and Staff training before coming to camp. ​In addition to the staff training required of all our staff, there are other courses available as well, such as a Kitchen Safety course for our kitchen and dining room staff.

Group Training

It is possible to complete both trainings as a family. If family members are doing it together, you can put both / all names in the “First Name” field for the training in “Thinkific” as acknowledgement that you all did it. For the Safe Ministry training, please email the staffing coordinators to let them know who completed it together as family members.

For larger groups (local church), you will need to identify a facilitator for the training group and request a facilitator training form from our staffing coordinators by email at [email protected]

Staff Training

To access the training, you will go to our online training website: Camp Li-Lo-Li ( If you are a returning staff, you may already have a user account. If you are new to our training, then you can create a user to access the training. From the course page, you will need to click “Enroll for Free” to begin the course. The list on that page is just a list of the curriculum, not links to the sections.

A few notes regarding the training for 2024:

  1. We have tried to simplify our training for this year. As part of this, we have created two courses:
    • All Staff Training – This training should be taken by all staff who plan to serve. There are two video sessions totaling approximately 30 minutes in length plus review questions after each video.
    • New Staff Training – For staff that have either never served or have not served in the past 5 years, they must also take this training course. This consists of one 21 minute video and review questions at the end.
    • New Staff should complete the All Staff Training first and then the New Staff Training.
    • All quizzes are one answer questions.
  2. Our kitchen and dining room staff should also do the Kitchen Training course (under 9 minutes).
  3. Our Canadian Staff should watch the Border Process course (just over 1 minute).
  4. ​​A training booklet is available as part of the All Staff training and downloadable from the course including instructions about the best way to print it. This one training book would be used for both all staff training and new staff training. Returning staff are encouraged to read through the entire training booklet to remind themselves of all policies and procedures that are communicated.
Child Protection

Staff will be sent an email from Safe Ministry ([email protected]) to access the training. This is a very important part of the training to ensure we are preparing our staff for the protection of our campers. To create your account, you need to click on the “Register” link in the email and use the same email address that the invitation was sent to. Your username cannot include spaces.

If you are a returning staff and completed the training last year, we will send you an email once you are able to complete the training this year.