We want to thank you for your interest in serving the Lord at Camp Li-Lo-Li. This is our second year utilizing Campwise for our online Staff Application process. Feedback from last year was used to make some improvements. Here are a few key items related to the 2018 process compared to last year:

  1. Continuity of Information - If you applied in 2017, much of the information has remained the same and will carry over from last year.
  2. Form Changes - Some forms have been changed to make entry easier or for us to gather additional information.
  3. Salvation Testimony - We are asking each 2018 staff person to complete a Salvation Testimony. This will only need to be entered one time, and will carry over with your application every year thereafter. If you entered this last year, the information should still be in the system for this year.
  4. Current Testimony - We have added a Current Testimony that should be updated each year regarding your current walk with the Lord. 

Process Highlights

Based on past experiences, there are a few items that we want to point out as you go through the application process:

  1. Web Browser – Please use Google Chrome browser on a PC / Mac for the best experience. The application does not work well from a mobile device.
  2. Criminal Background Checks – All staff who be 18 years old or older during your camp session must complete a Criminal Background Check (CBC). Your application is not completed until the CBC has been completed. Click here for more information and to complete the background check. 

    Please start this process before completing the application as it is required  in order for the application to be accepted. Once you have submitted the background check, you may go on to do the staff application immediately. You do not need to wait for a confirmation.
  3. Staffing Login - Click Here to go to the website to login for the Staff Application. Please note that the website to login to Campwise for the Staff Application is different from the website to login for Camper Registration. The same user ID and password can be used, but they are two different websites (you cannot apply as Staff from within Camper Registration). If you do not have a login currently, you will be prompted to create one. If you do not remember your login, please email staffing@liloli.org and they will send you the correct login information.

    Please Note: if you share an email address with someone else, please contact the staffing coordinators so we can associate your name with that email address. 
  4. Instruction Notes – Please read the notes, typically in red, on each screen to guide you in completing the application correctly.
  5. Completing Forms – Please be sure you REVIEW EVERY FORM to ensure all of them are complete and up-to-date.
  6. Staff References - You must have one of the two references be your local church pastor / elder. The people who are your references will receive an email from Camp to complete the reference online. Please tell your references to expect our email, and you will need to tell them for which positions you are applying.
  7. Assistance – If you have any questions or need assistance with login issues, the application, background check, or reference process, please contact our staffing coordinators. Their full contact information is below.

    Please Note: The "Contact Us" button on the staffing application screens in Campwise will list the registrar@liloli.org email address. Instead, please send ALL staffing questions to staffing@liloli.org.

Staffing Coordinators Contact Information

Email: staffing@liloli.org
Phone: (440) 409-1737
Mailing address:
Camp Li-Lo-Li Staffing
Attn: Denzil Boss
14833 South Island Road
Columbia Station, OH 44028