Here are some of the activities we offer, with a brief description of each. For more information, and pictures of each activity, please visit our Facilities page or click the heading of the activity area as that will take you to the photo gallery for that area.

  Horseback Riding

At the Li-Lo-Li Corral, we offer western riding with skilled instructors, both in the corral and on our numerous trails across our 500 acres. We have a CHA Level 3 Equine Facility Manager, who is also a Level 2 Western riding instructor. First aid certified wranglers accompany all trail rides, and are present at all corral activities. Riders are required to wear long pants, boots or tie shoes, and riding helmets (provided).


Our archery range is open to all ages and is staffed by NAA-Certified instructors. Our instructors provide an orientation session and outfit each shooter with the proper equipment. We use recurve bows and a variety of targets.


  Rifle Range

Our NRA-certified instructors teach discipline, along with shooting technique, handling rifles, and proper respect for firearms, using .22 caliber rifles and a variety of targets. Campers are required to wear ear protection (which we supply). The rifle range is open only to campers ages 12 and up.



Our 75-foot pool offers both a shallow end, and a deep end with a diving board. Enjoy water volleyball, races, water polo, and more. Swimming lessons are offered at our pre-teen sessions. The deep end may be used by campers who pass our deep end test, while campers without a deep end band are required to stay in the shallow end. The pool is only open when staffed by our certified lifeguards, and campers are required to tag in and out.


Arguably our most popular activity area, our beloved lake offers something for everyone. We have canoes, kayaks, paddleboats and paddleboards for you to enjoy on the water. Enjoy a ride across the trolley or grab a fishing pole and catch some bass and sunfish. Visit with friends in the island gazebo or along the shoreline. Those boating are required to wear appropriately sized and buckled life vests (which we supply), and to tag in and out. The waterfront is staffed by Red Cross-certified lifeguards.


  Ropes Course

Tucked in the woods at the south end of Camp is The Promised Land, our 18-element Ropes Challenge Course. There are 14 low ropes events which encourage problem-solving as a group, while the high ropes elements are more individual-oriented, and mentally and physically challenging. Anyone attempting a high ropes event will be properly harnessed, helmeted, and belayed by staff. The ropes course is staffed by trained and experienced instructors. Tie shoes are required.


  Climbing Tower

Our climbing tower measures 62' at its peak! Climbing takes place on two interior walls and rappelling take place on the exterior walls. The observation platform, which is accessible by a series of safe ladders and catwalks, is at the 50-foot level, allowing you a view of the valley below, and several miles beyond. Those climbing or repelling are properly harnessed, helmeted, and belayed by our trained and experienced instructors. Tie shoes are required.

  Zip Line

Those experiencing our 1500-foot zip line first go through 'ground school' and are evaluated to ensure they have enough weight and strength to complete the event. All zip-liners are properly harnessed, helmeted, and supervised by our trained and experienced instructors. Tie shoes are required.




  Craft Cabin

Crafts are completed by our pre-teen campers, and are an optional activity at all other sessions. Campers are well-supervised at all times, and beginning in 2018, will enjoy our brand-new craft cabin. 




Our octaball pit has been a popular place the last few years! Counselors participate with the campers. We also have two carpetball games, which are often used by campers without direct supervision (although staff are always within sight and sound). 




We have facilities for sand volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, and also offer a wide variety of other group games, such as ultimate frisbee. Campers are supervised by counselors during sports activities.




Our pre-teen campers participate in an achievement program, which teaches them a variety of outdoor skills. Campers complete three achievements each week, receive a medallion after completion of six achievements, and could complete the entire program of 18 skills by attending six pre-teen weeks between ages 8 1/2 and 13. All achievement activities are supervised by counselors or other trained staff. Safety in each achievement is always emphasized as an ultimate goal. 

First Medallion:
First Aid
Water Safety
Fire building
Nature Trail
Open Fire Cooking  

Second Medallion:
Compass & Orienteering

Third Medallion:
Star Navigation
Animal Tracking