Each year the archery range is a center
of enthusiastic participation by campers ages 7 to 77! If you’re someone who
has enjoyed archery at camp and would like to become involved as an instructor,
here’s how:
Teaching archery at Camp Li-Lo-Li
requires a
USA Archery Level I instructor certification. This nationally
recognized course will enable you to serve as an archery instructor at camp and
elsewhere. The stated purpose of the Level I certification is, “To introduce
how to teach archery to a new instructor, who has most likely never shot before.”
Scope of training includes safety, range setup, basic equipment setup and
repair, and teaching the basic steps of shooting. The certification process
consists of approximately 50% classroom training and 50% hands-on instruction
at the archery range.

Mark White will be teaching the course
at camp
Friday, July 28th (arrive by 6 pm) to Saturday, July 29th
at 6 pm. The cost of the training materials is $30 per person, which includes
receiving the certification card (good for 3 years) immediately at the conclusion
of the training. All other necessary equipment will be provided by camp. This
training is open to anyone
age 15 or older. You are able to be both a
counselor (or other staff position) AND be an archery instructor at the same
session of Camp. You
must be 18 years old to be able to open the archery range.
To register for the training or for more
contact Mark White at [email protected].
Registration MUST be completed by Sunday, July 16th to ensure time to order and
receive training materials. If the scheduled training dates won’t work for you
but you’d still like to get certified this year, please contact Mark.
release your inner Robin Hood, Katniss, Legolas or Hawkeye and help create
memories in the lives of campers for years to come. Register today!