What a great weekend we just had with the Pre-Teen Winter Retreat! After a slow start to the winter there was plenty of snow for tubing and fun. The sun was shining and the kids had a great time outside. We had more than 60 pre-teens there with quite a number attending for the first time!

Our Camp Director, Steve March shared the chapel teaching Colin Ritchie as they talked about the children of Israel leaving Egypt. What a wonderful picture of our freedom from sin and the deliverer that was sent to save us, our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.

There was plenty of organized indoor activities that help to illustrate the truths from the Bible lessons as well, including the kids trying to write out the Ten Commandments from memory, as well as stick duck tape buds onto Aaron’s staff and collected manna from around the chapel.

The campers also enjoyed a supervised hike in the woods that was cold, but fun!

Once their hiking and tubing were done, the campers were able to head down to the store to warm up again and enjoy some refreshments! We are looking forward to another great weekend this week when our Teen campers arrive!

If you want to join us this weekend and have not registered yet, please visit www.liloli.org and register today! We are praying for another great fun-filled weekend!