For over 50 years, the American
Camping Association
has worked to develop and administer an industry-based
accreditation program created especially for camps. Accreditation identifies
those camps which offer a solid foundation of health, safety, and program
quality as well as the assurance that we comply with up to 300 health, safety,
and program quality standards.

 Accreditation also provides
solid proof of camp’s accountability, credibility, and commitment to our campers and staff. It also
demonstrates that we have gone to great lengths, have been evaluated, and have
passed the test!

 ACA standards help with every
aspect of camp management and operation:

  • Site:
    protection, food service, sleeping quarters, utility and maintenance systems.

  • Transportation: Procedures concerning drivers, vehicles, and traffic on site.

  • Health and Wellness: Staff qualifications, facilities requirements, record keeping, storage and distribution of medicines, contact information, health forms.
  • Operational Management: Safety regulations, emergency communication systems, procedures for intruders, personal property regulations.
  • Human Resources: Staff qualifications, screening and training, supervision ratios, and procedures.
  • Program Activities: Aquatics, adventure/challenge, trips, horseback riding, staff qualifications for special programs.

standards include requirements for staff screening, emergency exits, first aid,
aquatic-certified personnel, storage and use of flammables and firearms,
transportation, obtaining appropriate health information, among

A special thanks to Betsy McIntee for again overseeing the lengthy preparation process for our accreditation visit. It is safe to say that without her we would not have passed our inspection. Thanks also to all of our hardworking volunteers through the summer who make sure that we implement all of the standards that have been put in place! We are so grateful to you all!