We use “Christian Intensive Training” not to be intimidating, but to emphasize that the program is about training us to be servants of the Lord Jesus, at camp and at home, not just training to be counselors.

CIT is intended to be both challenging and encouraging for everyone involved. The goal of CIT is to encourage the CITs in greater appreciation for the Lord and what He has done for us and to train them up in service for Him. The training is good for anyone who has a desire to draw closer to Him and to serve Him, particularly at Camp Li-Lo-Li. Part of this training is focused on the counselor aspect of serving at camp, but not limited to counseling.

The CIT program is limited to approximately 20 participants with a mix of guys and girls. The entrance to the program is not on a first come, first served basis, though early application is encouraged.

Acceptance to the program is based on the number of applications we can accept, your testimony of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation and your current walk with Him, and your desire to serve the Lord, particularly at Camp Li-Lo-Li. The application process is designed to help us understand your relationship with the Lord and your desire to serve Him.

Serious applicants ready to train should contact Jon Benson at [email protected] for more information.