Many will remember what has been called “the old girls wash house” but could have more accurately been called the “old wash house in the girls area”. Either way, it is no more!
This building project has been in the planning stages for a number of years and we are pleased to let you know that work has not only started but is moving along at quite a pace.
Many thanks to John Palmer for providing much of the demolition work, but also to Larry Thompson, Stacy Bodder and the great crew that came out for the work day on October 23, 2010.
I have included some pictures below, with little comment, except to say that a portion of the old building was temporarily left standing. You can see it in a number of the pictures that show the new structure.

The new foundations are going in and the
concrete walls will be poured next!
The poured concrete walls are up and ready
for preparation for roof trusses
 We were pleased to have so many skilled
carpenters and builders there to help!
 The first of the roof
trusses goes up!
The crane really helped get the roof on
in a fraction of the time!
While some worked on the roof, Stacy and his
crew worked on the new drains
Drains are in place and gravel added!
 Finally work begins on adding the metal roof!
Meanwhile, gravel is added and leveled in the new utility room
A good days work! Compare the size of the old wash house
with the new wash house!
We are grateful not just to those who helped with construction but all of the Lord’s people who have prayed for this over the years and contributed financially to make it possible!