Sunday, August 11, 2019 to Saturday, August 17, 2019
Stephen March
Asst. Director: 
Bob Wheeler
Bobby Halek


Campers: Ages 11-16

Summer Round-Up is a specialty week that lets campers ages 11-16 focus on the activity they love most! When registering online, campers choose one program area (this year's choices listed below). They will spend at least three hours a day on their chosen activity, but have the opportunity for other activities during free times. 

It's best to register early, as each of the program choices has a maximum number of campers, and some of them fill up quickly! We often have campers (ages 11-16) attend a Pre-Teen or Teen session, and then return for Round-Up. This is welcome and encouraged.  

Our theme for 2018 is "Know Thy Enemy". Throughout its history in the Old Testament, the small nation of Israel was constantly under attack from a variety of enemies. Today Christ's own, the church, are constantly under attack, not only from people, but spiritual forces. Pride, complacency, and temptation distract us from following the Lord, and sin tries to separate us from fellowship with Jesus Christ. But fear not - Jesus has overcome! Join us as Bobby Halek looks at the nature of these foes, both of Israel and of the Christian, and through God's Word shows us how through Christ, we can experience victory in our lives, and overcome that which would stand in the way of our walk with Jesus.

2019 Round-Up program choices:

Horsemanship (several skill levels available) led by Jackie Gefell and her team of wranglers. Each day, campers have a ground class, a ring class, and a trail ride.

Marksmanship/Riflery (ages 12+). Campers can expect to improve their marksmanship skills and have a lot of fun under Dan Lee's intense and enthusiastic tutelage. 

Archery  Led again this year by Philip Sidwell and Bonnie Kenney! A popular choice for those who enjoy bows, arrows, and balloons.

Ropes Course/Climbing Tower  David Larter's curriculum is always a winner with campers who choose this program. Expect to be stretched as you try out our numerous events, and to leave with increased confidence.

Crafts led by Ruth Nieboer. Ruth does a great job of choosing interesting crafts that campers can work on all week. Expect to make something you'll be really proud of to take home. 

Camping Challenge led by Daniel Downs, this group sleeps in tents rather than cabins, and cooks many of their own meals over the fire. 

Volleyball led by Carol Koole to learn the fundamentals of volleyball and enjoy a week filled of playing a favorite game!

In addition to our regular chapel times, campers will also participate in a small group Bible study each day. This is a great week of learning and growing!

If Round-Up interests you, register soon, as many of the program choices fill quickly. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have about this unique week of Camp! 

Round-Up Schedule
7:30 AM Rise & Shine, Cabin Clean-Up
8:20 AM Flag Raising
8:30 AM Breakfast
9:15 AM Chapel
10:15 AM Activity Period 1
11:15 AM Activity Period 2
12:30 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Rest Time
2:00 PM Activity Period 3
3:00 PM Free Time / Store
4:15 PM Activity Period 4
5:30 PM Dinner
6:15 PM Activity
7:00 PM Free Time
8:00 PM Chapel
10:30 PM Lights Out