Food Information

Kitchen Staff

Our volunteer kitchen staff strive to provide excellent meals, including allergy free options, for our campers & staff at Camp Li-Lo-Li.

Our head cooks have some training in the area of food allergies, but our volunteers may not fully understand the ramifications of each individual food allergy/intolerance or the complications of food labels.

Food Allergies

We strive to provide allergy free meals for our campers & staff at Camp Li-Lo-Li. However, please be aware that we cannot control items that campers & staff bring from home and might possibly be consumed at camp.  We can never promise a “nut free” or any other food allergy free camp environment.

Those with food allergies need to be able to advocate for themselves, ask questions and read food labels to determine what is safe for them. They cannot eat foods with unknown ingredients or take food from other campers. Even with all precautions, there is no guarantee that cross contamination will not occur.  Campers need to be able to explain quickly to a staff member that an allergic reaction might be occurring. 

​Families will need to provide some alternative food options for their camper (i.e. desserts, breads, milks, snacks, etc.)

More information on food allergies available from the Food Allergy Research & Education.

Download our detailed Special Diets Policy.

Please contact us at least two weeks before your session regarding any food allergies or restrictions and/or if you have any questions. You can email our food services director at [email protected] to discuss the options and what foods you might need to provide before coming to camp. On the day of registration, the camper and parent should speak with the head cook to ensure everything is communicated as clearly as possible.