This past weekend more than sixty young people descended on Camp Li-Lo-Li for our annual Pre-Teen Winter Retreat! We weren’t sure if we would have enough snow for the weekend, but the Lord was good and sent us enough to make sure that everyone had a great time!

Outdoors there was snow tubing, fort building, ice carving and plenty of cold hands and feet! The tubing started off slowly with everyone practicing on the Lodge Hill, but soon felt comfortble enough to head to the Big Hill. The most tiring part is walking back up to the top with the tube!

For those that didn’t want to brave the hills or just wanted to warm up again, we had an every ready supply of hot chocolate in the Lodge where the kids could play games, do puzzles or just hang out.
The most important part of the weekend is our chapel time. This year Aaron Young shared the teaching responsibility with our Director, Gary Foster. There was great ministry, a clear gospel message and of course, the popular Choose the Right Door, containing prizes and sur-prises! Gary Foster used his black light chalk drawings to illustrate his message and keep the kids engaged and listening!
We want to thank all of our volunteer staff that served so tirelessly this past weekend to create a memorable experience for our campers! Now we look forward to seeing you all again this summer!