This year Camp Li-Lo-Li will be celebrating the 60th Anniversary since their founding in 1953. We have set aside June 29th at camp as a day of remembering and giving thanks to the Lord for all He has accomplished in this valley over the past 60 years.

Please visit our new page and hit the Like button! While there, please add some memories of your times at camp. We are looking for stories that are funny, memorable, life-changing or created a spiritual impact in your life!

We are also looking for pictures of your times at camp, especially before and after pictures like this one. A few of you may have pictures of some of the old t-shirts or sweatshirts designs. Please post them!

We would also like to know where you are living now. Where in the world are our old Li-Lo-Li campers today! Here is a picture of a visit to Russia a few years ago.

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