This past week ten college and career age young people joined us at camp to participate in an intensive week long Discipleship program. Dan Weaver led us all through a series of studies on what it means to be a disciple. Each day began with personal devotions, followed by breakfast and then straight to our first study of the day.

Dan had prepared a series of studies that included:

  1. What it means to be Fishers of Men,
  2. How to follow Christ, the best Master,
  3. Why the Lord discipled intentionally
  4. What it means to count the cost of discipleship
  5. How to get to our Destination (becoming more Christ-like)
  6. The Importance of Imitating Christ
  7. The Importance of adding new disciples
  8. The Importance of having a good foundation

After our morning studies, the group broke into teams and worked on a number of projects around camp including remodeling the CIT Training room, painting the zip line platforms as well as the waterfront dock.

Several were also able to paint the corral fence and gate.

Afternoons were spent zip lining, playing canoe football, enjoying the newly invented game called the Deplorable Word or participating in field course archery up in the woods! One afternoon we enjoyed Pool Sword Drill using a water-proof Bible. It was both challenging and refreshing!

Immediately after dinner we got together again to pray for one another before heading out to do some challenge course chapels! The group were challenged to work as a team through a series of events that encouraged good decision making and communication.

After the challenge course, we went back to our continuing studies, took a snack break at 9.00 pm and then went back for group discussions. They worked hard, played hard and studied hard! It was a great week, but exhausting too!

If you will be 18 or older next year, plan to join us for a great week of discipleship training before the camp season starts next year! More information will follow!