Tuesday started with the Polar swim, a camp tradition for many years where the bravest of campers volunteer to get swim in a pool packed with icebergs! They really did volunteer! Much of the rest of the day is spent at the lake and pool trying to keep cool!

The story of Esther continues… The former queen Vashti has been banished from the kingdom. King Ahasuerus is counseled by his wise men to hold a beauty contest to find the new queen. Although not convinced, the king issues a new proclamation and beauty and talent competition is launched to find the most beautiful girl in all the land. This gives our speaker a great opportunity to talk about inward beauty and being less concerned with what the outside looks like and more concerned with our heart. God looks on the heart! The evening ended with a wedding feast where the chosen queen Esther is a wonderful combination of a beautiful woman whose heart is right with God. What lies in store next?