Our day began with polka music sounding across the valley and accompanied the morning exercises! There was some concern that the day would be rainy and most of the activities were planned for outside. But it turned out to be a beautiful day at camp and the hunt for golden potatoes started with great enthusiasm. This was a team event with extra points for the teams that were able to find and bring back a golden painted potato! Teams also participated in beach ball sports and got wet in the process! It was good for our campers to see some of the directors humbly serve in other positions during camp as well.

Children of staff members have been in bunny camp all week and have been kept busy throughout the day by watchful moms. They have collected crayfish and prawns in the creek and even went on a very slow hay ride around camp! The picture is a carefully staged photo op as we do not normally allow this many people on a golf cart!

One of the highlights of the day was the baptism of Matt Girdner by Keith Adler. It was a wonderful testimony to our campers and staff of the Lord’s working in the life of a young man. Matt publicly declared his faith in the Lord to those who had gathered to watch the baptism and showed by his baptism that he wanted to identify with the Lord Jesus Christ, committing himself to faithfully serve our Savior!