Ropes Course Training 

for Experienced Leaders and Helpers!

Saturday, May 20th

Camp Li-Lo-Li is blessed with terrific facilities and activities for
our campers, staff, and guests to enjoy in the valley we so love.

of the areas currently in great need of trained staff is the Ropes Course,
including the Climbing Tower and the Zip Line. It’s important to have enough
trained Ropes staff at each session so that all campers who want to participate
in these events are able to do so. We’re praying the Lord will raise up several
new Ropes team members this season.

a part of our Ropes team gives you the opportunity to serve our guest
groups throughout the spring and fall, as well as being a part of our summer

members need to be at least 15 years old to assist, and 18 years old to open
the course (once trained). It is possible to be both a counselor (or other staff area) AND serve at the
Ropes Course during the same session – no need to choose! 

be having a training session at Camp on Saturday, May 20th, starting
first thing in the morning.

Please email Jon Benson at [email protected] if you’re interested in hearing more or starting the