We are looking for a better way to display our books and postcards this summer, without taking up too much space. If anyone has any of the following and would be able to donate them to camp, we would be extremely grateful! 🙂 Or if you could get a great closeout price, that would be great. Some of you may know of retailers that are closing down or swapping out fixtures. If you happen to come across anything like this, please let me know as soon as you can!

Book Display Spinner Rack
This one has an adjustable height so that even small kids can see what is available. It also has a variety of sizes for different books.

Postcard Counter Display Rack
We have some beautiful postcards showing camp and the campers always want to have something they can easily mail home to their family during their camp session.

Unfortunately, we do not have a good way to display these great postcards! Here is an example of a small counter-top display.