The morning began cool and foggy but soon warmed up to a beautiful day. This is so typical of Sunfish Run Valley! Having a warm and sunny day allowed us to continue with all the activities the campers had started in the previous days.
The campers are attentive and engaged during our chapel and Bible study times, which also include some skits that help reinforce the concepts we are discussing.
Morning chapel usually includes the popular Choose the Right Door to find out how much we have remembered from the day before. It has also included our skits where the performers help dramatize the stories and help the Bible come alive to our campers.
Traditionally Wednesday evenings is our cook’s night off, even though they still have to prepare everything for us beforehand. We usually have a camp picnic with cheeseburgers, hamburgers and hot dogs along with salad and chips.
A new feature of Round Up this year is our Archery Certification program. We have a number of interested staff members who are working towards their certifications and will become instructors later in the season and beyond. We are grateful for the interest and for the willingness to commit the time in order to provide qualified instructors for our campers in the future. Here a new instructor practices his newly learned skills on another staff member!