Wednesday was a fun filled and busy day, and Thursday started off just the same! Early morning exercises, (demonstrated by the girls on the left!), flag raising, cabin devotions, breakfast, chapel and then teen games. And that is just the morning!

The chapel lessons got off to a great start with a recounting of the battle of Ai found in the book of Joshua with the warning to make no provision for the flesh or our selfish motives.

The warm weather has kept everyone in the pool as often as possible. Here is a quick game of water polo, but it could be water volleyball, diving competitions, swim relays or just sitting in the water cooling off! We are grateful for those that had the foresight to add a pool that can comfortably accommodate a large number of campers at one time!
Our pizza buffet lines are also a camp favorite, often right after chapel just before campers start heading down to their cabins. Every year our kitchen staff outdo themselves coming with new and interesting pizza combinations!
A cool place to be on a warm summer day is the store porch. A great breeze runs through here which seem to encourage friends to get together to talk, laugh and make memories!
But one of the biggest memories of Teen camp is the Thursday night banquet. This year it was Chinese food and the Lodge was transformed with decorated tables, multiple courses complete with chopsticks! The food was great and the kitchen staff went all out to make it a evening to remember. Thanks to Dwayne and his hard working kitchen team, we will remember this night for a long time to come! In between the seven courses, teams competed for points playing Camp Li-Lo-Li’s version of Minute to Win It with events like collecting marbles using only chopsticks!