Tuesday got off to a great start with a continuation of our early morning devotions. Cabins are broken into groups and meet together to study the Word of God, reflect on particular passages of Scripture and learn to improve our Bible study techniques. Although this all happens before breakfast, there is more interest and enthusiasm than you would expect!
Our chapel studies in the morning focused on the lessons we can learn from Joshua and the children of Israel regarding justification and sanctification. These are difficult concepts but Jeremy has helped bring clarity to the topics and there have been some lively discussions as a result!

Much of the rest of the day is spent in sports and other electives including cabin challenges where one cabin can challenge another to an activity in order to win prizes! The prizes are things like a big bag of chips or popcorn, but the thrill of challenge is enough to bring out some pretty competitive events! Other activities would still include water volleyball, soccer, tug-of-war, etc.
There are some exciting new events planned for tomorrow and through-out the rest of the week, so check back in!

High flying boy campers all trying to top the previous one! Who will make the largest splash?