I was lead to the Lord through a born again believer from my Sophomore English class who attended the now defunct Berkshire Avenue Chapel in Buffalo, NY. Dan befriended me and invited me to the chapel young people’s meetings. I was raised Roman Catholic and was familiar with various portions of Scripture, but lacked the understanding of the need to acknowledge my sinful condition before God.

About six months after meeting Dan, the young people went on a retreat to Camp Li-Lo-Li. It was there that God’s love was demonstrated to me as Dan and another young person, Ken, woke early on Sunday morning, drove me to Salamanca and sat through Catholic mass with me. We timed our return so they could attend the Breaking of Bread. As we pulled into Camp, they once again afforded me the opportunity to respond to the Gospel that I’d been hearing about for the last six months. So there outside the Lodge office, with a believing heart, I acknowledged my sinful state before God, and confessed Christ as my Savior.

Forty-three years have passed since that cold day in January 1966, but I will never forget how Christ’s love was manifested to me in the loving actions of two young believers who rejoiced with the angels in heaven on that day. Dan, Ken and I came to be known as the three amigos and were groomsmen in each others weddings. Until Christ calls me home at His appointed time, or until we meet Him in the air, Camp Li-Lo-Li will always be a very special place to me.

Steve Lucas, Board member & Director