Finally, after all of the other cabins in the girls area were taken away and new ones built in their place, work has begun on the remaining cabins, 13 and 14. This is a double cabin built on a single foundation. Four years ago this cabin was damaged under a particularly heavy snow load, and although still usable it was deteriorating rapidly because of damage to the roof.. The plans are to remodel this double cabin into two separate cabins that have the same look and feel as the newer ones.

The Lord answered our prayers for help by bringing us into contact with the Christian Youth Corp out of Delevan, south of Buffalo. They are bringing a group of about twenty young men on Saturday September 19, who will remove the siding and re-frame the cabins.

Our challenge was how do we get the building ready so that these young men can get started first thing Saturday? The roof needed needed to come off first and we did not have the time or man-power to do it. We were humbled and thankful to have four experienced men from the Lakewood Baptist Church come this past weekend and remove the shingles, plywood and old roof trusses, leaving us a clean shell to build on. The Lord is good and bring His people from a variety of different places to accomplish His purposes.

 What this space for more updates in the coming weeks!