Staff Training

All of our staff must receive staff training before you can serve. We have made our staff training available via video through a learning management solution and ask that all staff complete the training before coming to camp to serve. The staff training is now available on the training website.

In the all staff training course, there are six chapters that will include the training videos that range from about 10 minutes to 17 minutes in length (most are closer to 10 minutes). It is VERY important that you watch each video and not skip past it. After each video, you will have to complete a quiz to pass the chapter. The questions are not difficult but do require you to pay attention to the videos.

You are able to start / stop the videos and sessions at your leisure and therefore do not need to complete the training in one session. Once you log back in, you will be taken back to the spot you last left off.

Please download these instructions for more information on how to use the training system.

If you have any questions, please contact Jon Benson at