Our Pre-Teen Winter Camp is over but what a great time we had! Our camp director, Stephen March did a great job,  including our “Choose the Right Door” questions!

Our speaker Brian Stapley took the theme “On the Mountain” and talked about how God spoke to men through many mountain experiences. We learned about Elijah on Mount Carmel, when he went up against the prophets of Baal and God brought down fire and consumed not only the wood and stones, but the water and dust as well!

Some of the other men on the mountains included Abraham, Moses, Elijah and the Lord Jesus Christ. Our weekend chapel concluded with thoughts about the most significant mount in all of the Bible – Mount Calvary and the work that was completed there!

Brian also put some of our young people to good use as his “dummies”! There was plenty of fun for all, even his unwilling partners!

The Lord also blessed us with beautiful weather! It was cold, but sunny and bright so there was great times on the hill for tubing and building snowmen!

In addition to outdoor fun, we had some great times inside! We hope everyone is already making plans to join us again next year!

Remember the Teen Winter Camp is coming up this weekend and promises to be just as great!

If you haven’t registered for the Teen Winter Camp, register today by clicking on the link below!