Wilderness and CPR Training

This year, we’re offering Wilderness and CPR training at Camp.

These are not re-certifications, but are NEW certifications, either for those who have never taken the course before, or those who have let their certification lapse. Both courses will be taught by Lori White.


Wilderness and Remote First Aid (WRFA) is a 16-hour course designed to prepare trip leaders, camp staff, and outdoor enthusiasts for medical emergencies they might encounter in the outdoors. Students will learn how to recognize and assess emergencies and treat an ill or injured person in areas where emergency medical services may be delayed or inaccessible. WRFA lasts for three years before a re-certification is required.

Start:    Friday, June 29 at 7 pm
End:     Saturday, June 30 at 4 pm
Meals:  Breakfast & Lunch Provided
Who:    Wranglers, Ropes Staff, and anyone else taking campers into the tree line, such as for  hikes. 
Age:     15+
Fee:      Book $18.95, Card Fee $6  ($24.95 total)
RSVP:  Lori White at [email protected]


CPR certification can help you provide assistance when someone is faced with a cardiac or breathing emergency. It requires yearly re-certification.

Start:    Saturday, July 7 at 10 am
End:     Saturday, July 7 at 3 pm
Meals:  Lunch Provided
Who:    Wranglers, Ropes Staff, Lifeguards, and Nurses – but is open to all.
Age:     15+
Fee:      Book $10.10, Mask $6.25, Card Fee $6 ($22.35 total)
RSVP:  Lori White at [email protected]

Please contact Lori White to RSVP, and with any questions you may have about WRFA or CPR.