We are looking forward to two opportunities to help get camp ready for the summer! We would love to have you, your family and friends join us! We will have something for everyone to do!

For each workday, we will provide breakfast and lunch and can provide overnight accommodation for Friday night if needed. Breakfast will be at 8am with the plan to start work at 8:30am. We expect to complete the projects each day by 4pm. Remember, many hands make the work more fun and efficient!

Saturday, April 27
The focus will be on cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood. We have a LOT of logs that were given to us, and we are renting two wood processing units this year to help facilitate this work. We could use a few regular log splitters as well to split logs that are already too short for the wood processors. Email Stacy Bodder if you can bring a log splitter or chainsaws.

Other potential projects include:

  • Removing branches from flower beds
  • Pick up sticks out of the lawns
  • Trim low hanging branches
  • Rake leaves / sticks away from buildings
  • Sort and organize bunny camp toys
  • Miscellaneous cleaning and painting

Saturday, May 18
The focus on will be more on cleaning the buildings, washing windows and any other projects to prepare for the Spring Family Retreat the next weekend!

Register to attend one or both of the workdays so that we can plan the work and meal preparation. Only one person from each family needs to complete indicating the number of people attending.