Saturday, June 30, 2018 to Saturday, July 7, 2018
Mike Smith
Asst. Director: 
Mark Hillis
Keith Keyser & Viji Roberts


Family Camp Week provides a refreshing “retreat” time for families to enjoy together. The beauty and freedom of our rural camp setting, excellent Christian ministry and fellowship, and sharing wholesome and fun activities together freed from many pressures and distractions of daily life are the framework for a great family experience.

The Family Camp schedule each day centers around morning and evening chapel times featuring group singing and outstanding bible teaching ministry. We look forward to the ministry from God's Word through Bob Hayes and Sandy McEachern! A separate children’s ministry program during this time provides an alternative with the same activities provided in an age-appropriate manner for campers aged 4-12 years.

Along with chapel times and meal times (parents don’t have to cook!) are morning, afternoon and evening periods during which campers can choose to enjoy some of the many activities provided or just relax and have “free time”.  Some of the activities typically available during the week include swimming, boating, horseback riding, craft projects, archery, rifle range, nature hikes, the climbing tower, the zip-line, challenge course group activities, and ball games of various kinds. Of course the conversations you have and the relationships you form with other campers along the way will enrich you and your family throughout the week.

We hope you’ll join us for Family Camp Week this year!

More details including information about the speakers is on our Blog!