Sunday, July 29, 2018 to Saturday, August 4, 2018
Mike Thomas
Asst. Director: 
Corey Milligan

Camper Ages: 13 to 17

An exciting week awaits as you enter Babylon along with Daniel and his three companions! Learn how this young man rose to the pinnacle of leadership in not just one, but two successive world empires. Find out what gave him his stability in his devotion to God, and the ability to go against the flow of culture and society to maintain his public witness for the one true God.

Tons of fun is planned for an exciting Teen 1 - everything from a Tough Spudder obstacle course to a series of events we like to call Spud Bowl! Yes, you guessed it. If you can do something crazy with potatoes, we're going to try!

The week will be capped of with a Babylonian banquet fit for a king, and Li-Lo-Li's Got Talent! So come prepared for some king-sized fun, and ready to be challenged in God's word.

Keep looking for updates as Teen Camp gets closer. You can find them on Facebook at: @TeenCamp1    Or on Twitter @LiLoLiTeen1     #AgainstTheFlow2017