Well, the week has flown by faster than we could have imagined. The weather has been great and there has been fun in every corner of the valley! We had our last Choose the Right Door, where campers answer questions about the previous lessons for prizes and surprises! The lessons in Joshua are winding down, with a challenge from Jeremy to not give the devil an opportunity to gain a foothold in our lives. Our prayer is that each of us will leave camp more determined to serve the Lord faithfully in every area of our lives. Our battles against sin and sinful behavior are not battles we have to fight alone. The Lord hates sin more that we do and is ready to work with us to rid it from our lives.

Our bunny campers have enjoyed their week, with a full program of activities overseen by our Bunny Camp Director, Kia Edsall and her willing helpers! This was one of the largest groups we have had in bunny camp for a while and keeping them all occupied, entertained, engaged and accounted for was a full time job! Thank you to Kia and her team! If not for Bunny Camp, many on staff would not have been able to serve this week. One of the highlights of their week was the hay ride!

The last full day of camp allows us to complete a couple of great camp traditions. The first is the canoe races between teams! Each team paddles a course using only their hands, with very strict rules for safety. Every lifeguard in camp is on duty for this event to make sure it is not only fun but safe, while all the their team members shout encouragement and directions for their team. What a great picture on living the Christian life! While we try to navigate through the chaos of life while receiving instructions that pull us in many directions, we need to listen for the voice of that One who will lead us the right way!

Some years we also end the week with a large campfire after chapel. After rain on Thursday night we weren’t sure if it would happen this week, but were happy when we were able to get together around the campfire on Friday night to sing songs and to listen to the testimonies shared by many of our campers. About half a dozen campers shared their stories with us about how they came to know the Lord. Many had heard the gospel when they were quite young and recognizing their need for salvation, turned to the Lord Jesus Christ. But they also shared the struggles that they had dealing with sin in their lives or working through trials that strengthened their faith. It was very encouraging to see the Lord working in the lives of these believers. Following our campfire, many of the campers returned to their cabins and spent time talking about their own struggles. It was good to be able to pray with one another about these things.
Another year of Teen 1 has finished. We pray that the thoughts that have been shared will find a place in the heart of each us and we might seek to serve the Lord with all our heart. One of the common thoughts expressed through the time of sharing was the need to surround ourselves with good friends who will hold us accountable and encourage us through the difficult times that will come. Making friends is one of the great benefits of camp and we hope they will keep in touch throughout the year!
Have a great year and see you next summer!