This year we had an all new Teen Camp with new directors and a completely new program. Rick Myles and Matt Nieboer headed up the camp using the theme “Running the Race”. In honor of the Olympic Games being held in London, we had a week of Olympic themed activities at camp as well! Starting with the spectacular Opening Ceremonies, the campers were able to watch the lighting of the Olympic torch in the lake as well the procession of nations along the camp road!

Joe Hawkinson from Kansas was our speaker and included several round table discussions where the campers were able to ask questions about issues on their minds. It was great to be able to address some of the issues that teens are facing today. It was great also to meet Joe’s wife, Jesse and their family! The Lord truly blessed through his ministry.

Chapel times were great with not only our “own” band, The Peculiar who led our time of singing and worship, but also our world famous skits! Written by Kelly Wendlandt, they were performed by the counselors and other staff and really illustrated in very practical ways the truths of the lessons we were hearing each day. Everybody got in on it, including our two directors, Rick and Matt!

This was our largest camp of the year and one that will be remembered for many years to come. We pray that the messages that were heard as well as the discussions that took place in the cabins will create a searching after the Lord Jesus Christ.