What a blessing to have so many join us this Saturday for our third Saturday workday. This time we had a good number of the believers from the Springbrook assembly in West Seneca come down to help. With many hands hard at work, the store porch ceiling received a second coat of paint which not only looks good but has had the desired effect of keeping the barn swallows from nesting right where so many of our campers and staff sit! They are still here at camp though and are now building houses, multi-family apartments and condos on some of our other buildings!

While we had the paint crew here, we also re-painted the front of the store and the railings which were looking a little weathered. In order to keep our buildings looking consistent and also to help reduce the number of paint colors we need to keep in stock, Sherwin-Williams have created our own paint color called Camp Li-Lo-Li Red! The final step on this project is the painting of the store porch floor. This will be painted with a non-skid paint to help keep our summer campers safer as they come straight from the pool to the store! That painting project should be completed this week.

The other major project completed was the final screwing down of all of the boards on the pool deck. This project started last week and is now finished. Thanks to all who worked so hard this past weekend. The work was hard, the day was hot but the fellowship was great and the reward eternal! Other jobs completed were cleaning of the kitchen and lodge and preparation for coming weeks! Thank you to the believers from Springbrook Bible Chapel and Vivian Marwick who came down to cook and clean for us!

The next major workday will be this Saturday, May 16. Blasdell Gospel Chapel, Northgate Bible Chapel and Cornerstone Bible Chapel will all be coming down for the day. If you would like to join us to help with the many,many projects remaining, please contact Stacy Bodder at [email protected] to let him know you plan to come.

Thanks again to all who sacrifice time and energy to serve the Lord at camp. It is greatly appreciated!