It has been a little while since we gave you an update about what’s happening here at camp. But even though it has been quiet on the blog, it has been a hive of activity down at the new cabins!

Last weekend, the ceilings were installed in all four cabins. Thanks to Dave Larter and Rich Greer who were able to help Larry get these up. This is a tough one man job! The plywood had to be cut and then nailed to the roof trusses in order to prepare the cabins for insulation and electrical fixtures.

Once the ceilings were in, work started on the new spray-on insulation. This involved sealing the windows and doors and bringing in a crew with special equipment. They sprayed on the foam insulation and then trimmed the excess off of the wall to allow for the pine interior siding. Once the interiors were complete, they moved up in the crawl space in the ceiling and under the cabins to spray foam insulation in those places as well. This should provide a warm and weather-tight seal to the cabins.
While this work was going on inside, a number of volunteers were working on two very important projects as well. A.J.McIntee and Tom Dahlquist spent the day digging trenches to install conduit for the electrical cables. They worked late into the night along with Larry, Stacy Bodder and Al McIntee. This will be a much better solution than the overhead lines we had before.
Bob Wheeler was back with us again this week and worked on the porches that will be go onto the front of each of our new cabins. This will make a great addition to the cabins and should offer a little more protection to the campers!
Larry put a coat of paint on the ceiling and they are now ready for the interior pine siding. We are looking forward to a busy workday this coming Saturday. If you are able to help with carpentry and siding installation, please let Larry Thompson know as soon as possible.
We are also beginning the work of prepping camp for our new summer season, so if you would be willing to come down to sweep cabins, wash windows or clean bathrooms, we would love to have you with us for a day of fun and fellowship! Please let Stacy Bodder know if you could help with cleaning.