There are many of our camp friends who are currently serving the Lord in other places around the world. Some are there for a short time, while others are there more permanently. Here are just a few! If you know of any other camp friends who have been or are involved in some exciting ministries, let us know so that we can pray for them!

The following were listed in the latest issue of the Christian Missions in Many Lands Missions magazine.

Miriam and Todd served most recently at Camp Li-Lo-Li in 2012; Todd as Assistant Director and Music for Pre-Teen 3 while Miriam served as our secretary and Heidi worked in the Dining Room.

Liane Torok grew up coming to Camp Li-Lo-Li and has been a great counselor for the girls. Lianne has also been an important part of our Counselor-in-Training program for a number of years and has helped many new counselors grow in this important responsibility.

We continue to pray that the Lord will bless and keep the Eichenauers and Lianne as they seek to serve the Lord in the Philippines and Germany.