Every year we create an overarching theme for camp. For the past few years we have focused on the faithfulness of God, especially as we live in a world where unfaithfulness seems normal behavior. Husbands and wives are often not faithful to each other even as they vow to be loyal and loving to their partners. Many children that come to camp have been betrayed by the adults who have committed to care for them. It has been particularly important for us to introduce our campers to God who is faithful in all things. He is faithful in His love, righteousness, mercy and His loving presence.

Two years ago our theme was “For He who promised is faithful” Hebrew 10:23. We serve a God who has promised to be with us, to give us rest, to save us and to give us eternal life, He has promised and kept His promise on these and on so many more things. Our campers need to know these promises for themselves.

This past year we focused on God as a just and forgiving God. He is one that cannot ignore sin, but provided Himself a sacrifice so that we might have forgiveness of sin and eternal life with Him. And as believers we can rest in His cleansing power to daily keep us in right relationship with Him.

In 2016 we stay with the thought of God Faithfulness with a reminder that He who calls us is Faithful. The illustration to the left reminds us of God’s relationship with Moses who He called and strengthened for the great tasks He had. The Bible tells us that we are called according to His purpose (Rom 8:28); called us to peace (1 Cor 7:15), called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus (1 Peter 5:10) and called us with a holy calling (1 Tim 1:9)

Please pray for the campers who will hear about the faithfulness of God this summer. We pray that many might be called by Him, come to know Him and to put their trust in Him.