Our windmill is something of a landmark at camp but serves a very important purpose. It runs our lake aerator which is a necessary part of managing
our camp lake water system. It improves water clarity, protection against fish
kills, odor reduction and algae management. Windmill aeration is a responsible and economical choice because it is operated by winds blowing as little as 3 to 5 miles per
hour. Windmill aeration does not require electricity so is also an environmentally
friendly operation.

Sadly our windmill was damaged this week by
exceptionally high and gusty winds. The first day the central portion of the
windmill was blown over and parts of the windmill blade fell down to the
ground. This morning we found the main part of the blades and dome lying on the ground. So it is out of commission for a while. 

We really need to get this back up and running before we get too much further into spring! 

Please pray with us!