Christian Intensive Training (CIT)

Camp Li-Lo-Li will again be having the Christian Intensive Training (or Counselor in Training) program this year.  We call it Christian Intensive Training to emphasize
that the program is about training us to be servants of the Lord Jesus, at camp
and at home, not just training to be counselors.

CIT is intended to be both
challenging and encouraging for everyone involved.  The goal of is to
encourage CITs in greater appreciation for the Lord and what He has done
for us and to train them up in service for Him.  The training is good for anyone
who has a desire to draw closer to Him and to serve Him, particularly at Camp
Li-Lo-Li.  Much of this training is focused on the Counselor aspect of
serving at camp, but not limited to that.

program is limited to approximately 20 participants with a mix of guys and
girls. If you desire to participate in CIT, you must apply. The application
process is designed to help us understand your relationship with the Lord and
your desire to serve Him.

In order to participate in CIT, you must be 15 years old by
the time CIT ends, which is July 14th. Some exceptions to the timing
of turning 15 will be allowed.  If you are in that situation or have any
other questions, please let me know.  There is no upper age limit.

CIT for this summer is
scheduled to start on Sunday, July 1, 2018 and end on Saturday, July 14,

If interested in applying, please email [email protected] to request the application materials.