The climbing tower at camp is one of our most popular and most used events. At over 60 feet in height, it stands at the top of the hillside, high above the valley and offers one of the best views of camp!

In addition to the great views, it offers a series of challenging inside walls to climb and can also be used for rappelling down the outside. Many have enjoyed the team event, Jacob’s Ladder that hangs from the east wall. As you climb, the rungs get further apart requiring the help of a climbing partner!

The climbing tower is also the launching pad for the 1300 ft. zipline! The tower is exposed to all the weather of camp and was definitely in need of a face lift!

If you have ever wondered how we paint a structure like this, take a look at the photos below! You will see Larry Thompson, with paint sprayer in hand descending from the top, painting as he comes down! The picture at the right shows three sides complete, with the final wall still to do!

Here comes Larry on the final wall!

Come join us at camp and enjoy the newly repainted event!