Earlier this year work started on several major projects here at camp. The first one was the replacement of the water system for the buildings at the west end of camp. This includes the West Residence where the Thompson family live, the workshop and will eventually supply the new Administrator residence. The water quality was not good at the Thompson home, so work began initially to improve the quality and healthfulness of their supply as well as make provision for future development.

The existing green house attached to the shop came down and the site was excavated.

Once the footer framing was
complete, concrete footers were poured to provide the foundation for the walls

A Styrofoam product that is cut and bolted together was used to create the forms for the walls. Once they were secure, a poured wall foundation was installed.

After the new floor was constructed, the building was framed, roofed and sided added making it ready for the water tank, filters and pumps.

 We are happy to report that clean, healthy water is flowing now to the Thompson family!