One of the oldest and most well used buildings at camp is the Directors Cabin. Orignally built in 1962, the Directors Cabin has always been an important part of the spiritual life of camp. Here on the porch there have been planning meetings with staff members, counselling with campers and of course, much, much prayer! It also provided one of the best views of the main camp area and allowed the Directors to keep a watchful eye on their campers. 

About eighteen months ago we shut it down with some concerns about health and safety and later gutted the interior to check for mold and other potential problems. The building was cleaned and disinfected and we were able to establish that it was again good to proceed. But due to other significant projects, available manpower was stretched to the limit.

We are grateful to AJ McIntee who had a burden to see this project re-started and put forward a proposal to find the volunteers to help with the work. On the Friday before the Easter weekend a large numbers of skilled volunteers showed up to start the process of prepped the building for construction. The foundations needed to be shored up, the plumbing needed to  be replaced and the walls rebuilt.

Thank you to all those who joined us for the day and who have made time on the many weekends since then to come down to help. Please continue to pray for safety and speed. We are praying this building will be ready to go again before the new camp season begins!