Several major projects are underway at Camp this fall!

Craft Cabin

The old craft cabin served us well for many decades, but the time had come to replace it. In addition to being in disrepair, it had issues with mold and various creatures making themselves at home. During craft times, it was often overcrowded, and due to the building’s design, there was not an easy line of sight to the campers and staff. The crafting area was not large enough to get out of the rain or other inclement weather, and access to the attic storage was dangerous.

Design of the new craft cabin was well thought out. All campers and staff will be working in the same area, at tables under a large pavilion-style roof. There will be garage doors on the west side that can come down for protection during bad weather.

The inner area will include a large workroom (not accessible to campers), and a heated storage area for items that freeze in winter, such as paints. There will be a sink and stove, and room for storage of current crafts and supplies. In addition, there will be lots of electrical outlets (eliminating the safety hazard of multiple extension cords), and several windows for light in the inner work areas.

The large attic is easily accessible by staff, and has plentiful space for additional storage.

When it’s not craft time, the pavilion area of the craft cabin can be used for other things, such as CIT classes, Bible studies, prayer times, getting out of inclement weather (or too much sunshine), and winter storage.

Staff Cabin

A major overhaul is being undertaken of the cabin formerly known as the dining room girls’ cabin (going forward, we plan to have new names or numbers for our various staff accommodation buildings). We were able to use the foundation of the old cabin, and made the inner area larger by incorporating the former porch into the interior. It is similar to the director’s cabin in that it has two separate sides, each accessible by an exterior door on the east side. Each side will be able to house several people, and each side will have its own bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet. The design allows for multiple housing options, whether for use by male and female staff on opposite sides, all one gender on both sides, or for married couples, families, or speakers. It will also be great during retreats and winter camps to have the flexibility of this space.


The roof of the store has been replaced, and we’re working on the road drainage issue, to prevent flooding the store basement.


The covered porch area outside the chapel now has a concrete floor! This may seem like a minor upgrade, but it is already having a major impact. Cleaning of the chapel floor is much easier without the gravel and stones being tracked in, and the distracting crunching noise of those entering or exiting during services is eliminated.

Be praying for our Camp employees and volunteers as they labor to complete these projects while cold weather sets in.