What a great time of blessing again this year at Family Camp. We had so many new families as well as visitors throughout the week. The Lord certainly had His hand upon the ministry this week. Over 200 people, campers and staff enjoyed a great week of food, fellowship and ministry from God’s Word
The Lord had brought two great speakers, along with their families this week and we enjoyed ministry that was uplifting and challenging. Joe Reese began the week in Romans 12 and challenged us to be true servants of the Lord. During the week he focused on particular aspects of the Christian life with a challenge to reflect the Lord Jesus Christ in all we say and do.

 Bruce Hulshizer took up the friends of King David, some of whom sought fame and privilege through their association with David, others were willing to give up all for him. Others had lost everything and still wanted to be faithful, even though there was no perceived benefit to following the Lord.

Along the way, there were many activity times for campers and staff and almost every one had an opportunity to ride the zip line, go on a trail ride or just hang out at the waterfront!



On of the fun highlights of the week was the visit of the alpacas! We had local farmers, Mike and Sue Bean bring two of their young female alpacas to camp. They were called Cricket and Ellie and they behaved very well considering this was their first time away from home! Mike and Sue also showed us how to take the shorn wool, comb and then spin it into yarn! Each camper was then able to make a small craft to take home.

Family 2013
Next year will be our 60th anniversary here at camp and our speakers will be Mike Attwood and Nate Bramsen. Pray with us about Family Camp for next year and begin to make your plans to attend!