Every year we gather all our summer Camp Directors, Staff Directors and Assistant Camp Directors together to talk about the summer. This past Saturday, we met as we have for many years to get some of these issues out of the way before the summer starts. We thank those that were able to come for giving up yet another Saturday of their busy lives to go over the Staff Training for the summer and to think about some of the practical and spiritual priorities for our camp season.

For six hours, they face a constant overload of information and they do it with a smile! The training itself is long but so important as we think through our response to emergencies that may come up during their sessions. We pray always that our weeks will be free of incidents, but we need to have plans in place just in case. It is also important that we are consistent from week to week for the sake of our campers and staff.

We live in an increasing dangerous and dark world and strive to do all we can to keep the influence of the world out of camp. We want our campers and their parents to have confidence that we have done all we can to provide a safe and happy environment for their children. We want to be keenly aware of the dangers and yet not be dragged down by them Please for wisdom and discernment for our directors and their staff.

It is exciting also to hear about their program plans for the summer! Every year they bring great creativity to their programs and this year is no different! If you know of any young people who are wondering what to do this summer, bring them to camp! It is going to be a great year! We are looking forward to seeing the Bible come alive for young people!