Every year we train many willing volunteers who want to serve the Lord by serving others at camp. We offer training for counselors, wranglers, ropes course facilitators, archery instructors, first aid providers and lifeguards. For a growing camp, these are all critical areas that must be filled in order to run camp. It helps us offer a wide variety of activities for campers. We are grateful for those who sign up for training every year and give of their time and resources to share the burden during the summer.

With a pool and waterfront to watch and hundreds of campers each summer to supervise, our lifeguards are an important part of each camp season. This summer we had eight new lifeguards trained during the week of Round Up. This year they were all young ladies!

We are very happy to welcome them to the summer staff crew and are trusting that they will use their new skills and certifications here at camp! Please contact us if you would like to be included in the lifeguard (or any other) training next year here at camp and we will be sure to direct you to the right people!