Many may know that we now have two interns at camp that are assisting camp and our Property Manager, Stacy Bodder. It is something we have talked about for a while, but current circumstances at camp have made it a more urgent priority.

Josiah Gefell
Daniel Downs

The two young men currently with us are Josiah Gefell from the Northgate assembly in Rochester. Josiah actually joined us several months ago and has been a great help. Daniel Downs is from the Scottlea assembly in St. Catharines and arrived a few weeks ago. Both have served camp faithfully as volunteers in the summer for many years.

Please pray for these young men. Pray for safety, an increase in knowledge and practical skills as well as for their spiritual growth. If any would like to have fellowship with them, you could send a gift to either their home assemblies or directly to camp. 

For those that want to know a little more about the intern program, here are some of the details of how it is currently structured.

Initially the focus is on Property Management and would include specific training on the following:
– Property Assessment and
Inspections – knowing what to look for.
– Daily activities will also
include lawn mowing, snow removal, cleaning and set up of buildings, etc. 
– Learning about water systems, electrical systems, septic systems, communications systems, etc
– Practical basic instruction on minor electrical, plumbing, carpentry, welding, and other daily repairs.

      Our intent will be to turn every project
into a teaching opportunity to develop skills and increase knowledge.
These projects will be tracked and evaluated monthly.
     Our discipleship module will focus on
three main areas:
a.       Bible study including teaching on different
methods of study, doctrine etc
b.      Character development based on scriptural principles
c.       Public use of the developed gifts including
witnessing, counseling, leading Bible studies, participating in the Lords
supper at camp and at the local assembly, leading devotions at staff meetings
and even preaching at a meeting, etc
We are currently working through the course, Disciplines of the Christian Life by Jim McCarthy. Our intent will be to
continue to meet the mission of Camp Li-Lo-Li which is to effectively present
the teachings of God’s Word.