Our most recent group at camp was our Men and Boys Retreat. Our numbers were low but we had a great time of fellowship and activities. We also enjoyed the ministry of our speaker Mike Moody from North Carolina,

 We started with dinner in the Lodge on Friday night and then hiked up to Fort Seneca for our first meeting around our campfire. Our theme was Living the Life God wants you to Live: Lessons from the Life of Joseph. Following our meeting we had a time of discussion and then cooked hot dogs over our campfire before hiking back to the Lodge. What a great start to a great retreat!

 The next day began with a beautiful sunrise and hearty breakfast. Mike Moody continued his messages focusing on Joseph the son in his fathers house, Joseph the servant in Potiphars house, Joseph the slave in prison and Joseph the savior in the palace. Many wonderful thoughts as we compared the life of Joseph to our Lord Jesus Christ. Also very many practical lessons for Christian Living.

 We were so thankful to those who served us that weekend. Vivian Marwick, Geri Downs and Shirley Wilson in the kitchen along with Shirley and Doris Stanfield in the dining room . The meals were great!

 We were also able to squeeze in some fun activities as well with another hike through the woods, followed by paint ball sling shots up at the now closed rifle range!

Thanks to all those who joined us and made this a great weekend!