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Today was the last work day for March and we had plenty of helpers. Some of the men from Cornerstone Bible Chapel had organized a Men and Boys weekend that was focused on serving the Lord. Over 25 fathers and sons arrived at camp around 9.30 pm on Friday night and watched a film about the old Civilian Conservation Corps that built many of the state and national parks in the 1930s and 1940s. They have re-branded their own group called the Courageous Christian Corps and this was their kick off meeting.

In addition to the discussion of serving the Lord through work, John Cannon, Wes Milligan and David Larter also lead devotions from God’s Word.

Following the devotional time, the men and boys were divided into groups with the primary focus of the day being splitting wood in prepartion for the summer. Others headed down to the cabins and continued the work on the completing the pocket doors and finishing the trim work in the cabins.

Lunch was a camp favorite – chicken drumsticks, scalloped potatoes and cheesy broccoli followed by fresh home-made brownies! Thanks David Larter and Dan Lee. Following another time in God’s Word, everyone headed back outside to keep going on their projects.

Thanks to everyone that made this such a great day! It really is a privilege to glorify the Lord alongside those who love the Lord and are committed to serving Him wholeheartedly! Perhaps we can do this again some day soon!