This year we recorded the messages of most of our speakers through the summer. We did have some technical difficulties as we learned the new system, so you will see that the quality and quantity improved as the summer progressed! The ministry was excellent and was a blessing to the many campers who spent time with us this summer. We continue to praise the Lord for the work that was done here at camp this season.

We have made available the following recordings at  Click on the session on the left hand side and scroll down to the speaker you would like to hear.

Joe Reese
2012 Family Camp
By Request 
Bruce Hulshizer
2012 Family Camp

Art Manning
2012 Pre-Teen 1

Bill Wendlandt
2012 Pre-Teen 2

Nate Thomas
2012 Pre-Teen 3
Joe Hawkinson
2012 Teen 1

Chris Schroeder
2012 Teen 2


John Schetelich
2012 Summer Round Up

Randy Hoffman
2012 Family Camp Weekend