In 2009, Terry Wilson, along with his wife Shirley and her mother,
Doris Stanfield, came to live and serve at Camp Li-Lo-Li as the Executive
Director of camp.  Their presence at camp was far more than just living
and serving here, but rather they embodied all that Camp would strive to be in
a demonstration of true servant leadership.  Their contributions to the
ministry of Camp Li-Lo-Li and the greater call of making disciples are too numerable
to count.  
In January 2016, Terry communicated to the board that the Lord had
been leading him to a new ministry as the Executive Director of ECS (Emmaus
Correspondence School) Ministries in Dubuque, Iowa.  This opportunity
seemed like a natural fit for him and truly seemed to be the Lord’s call on
their lives.  While we recognized that the move to ECS would be a great
fit for Terry, it was with mixed emotion that we received his resignation
and began the prayerful pursuit of a new Executive Director for Camp
We are so
thankful for Terry, Shirley and Doris’ commitment to camp.  They
remained at camp through the end of August in order to serve well to the end,
as they have always demonstrated.
The Board of Directors of Camp Li-Lo-Li formed a search committee
to start the process of identifying the candidate that the Lord would be
leading to the important ministry at Camp.  Through the spring, a number
of inquiries were made and three applications were received.  Time was
spent with each of the candidates to determine who the Lord would be equipping
for the service at camp. 
on the search committee’s recommendation, the Board agreed to appoint Jonathan
Benson as the new Executive Director of Camp Li-Lo-Li effective August 1,
2016.  Jon, with his wife Shona and their four children have been part of
the ministry at Camp for many years.  Jon and Shona first met at camp in
1993, so it has always had a special place in their hearts.  
Through this process, Jon and Shona were commended to the Lord’s
work by their
home assembly, Northgate Bible Chapel in Rochester, New York. They
will serve at Camp and in various other ministries that they have already been
involved in.  Shona has been appointed as Camp Registrar and they look
forward to working together on this important responsibility.

continue to pray for the ministry at Camp Li-Lo-Li.  Remember Stacy Bodder
and his family and Josiah Gefell as they serve full-time in the maintenance of
the camp buildings and property.  Please uphold Jon, Shona and their
family as they transition into their new roles full-time.
We are excited by all that the Lord has been doing and by all that
He will continue to do in the making of disciples to the Glory of God through
the ministry at Camp Li-Lo-Li!
you do have any questions, please email [email protected]
or call camp at 716-945-4900.